• FPGA Design and Simulation
  • Digital, Analog and Mixed Signal design.
  • Embedded processors and controllers.
  • DSPs and Vision Systems.
  • HDTV, SD, NTSC/PAL designs.
  • High Speed memory: DDR3
  • Verilog, VHDL, AHDL
  • Low current, battery operation.
  • Thermal and SPICE modeling.
  • MATLAB integrated designs.
  • LCD/Flat Panel implementations
  • Cost Analysis, BOM, vendor managment
  • Production managment, QA
  • Project or role based consulting.
  • LVDS, high pseed signaling


Design Testimonial

Mnemonics needed a complete battery powered handheld vision system for use with our custom software , we also were under a very aggressive development schedule for the project. In just a few months Mr. Herd delivered a complete custom vision system including DSP and camera in a 3” x 3.75" x 1” package footprint (2.5" x 1" pc board). MCG took the project starting with our product goals and implemented the FPGA including embedded DSP, PCB, BOM, cost analysis, technical documentation and oversaw the project into pre-production.

Dr. Michael Negin  
President, Mnemonics Inc.

Hardware System Design